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Success went to language school

Let Ikaso a language school 100%!

As soon as their own rather than depending on the language school

Shortcut to language learning is to study abroad, but what it is surprisingly often in the eye of the experiences that eventually be studying abroad for more than one year in language school overseas came back to can not learn the language. When I would read such experiences, put a high money you were it is natural that more likely to have the image that there is no meaning to study abroad, it does not mean there is a problem with the language school. In the successful study of experiences, first carefully from most of the case school to choose. Instead of choosing because it relieved to many Japanese, we have chosen a possible international students is small language school of the Japanese to the opposite. Life that do not use the Japanese every day, has led to the success of the language acquisition. If you still have many of the Japanese students, let's do not harden as much as possible Japanese to each other. Try to talk positively to international students came from other countries, you increase the chance of alive was English. If attend to language school of local, basic know-how to improve your English will get to tell me always. The point is that whether how I myself can try in practice taking advantage of what they have learned in school. Use copper enable the valuable limited time that the study period leads to a study in success, please do not forget that it is up to you.

Mandatory information of the language school